Dreamoc HD3 transpordikast ratastel, valge

Dreamoc HD3 transpordikast ratastel, valge
Tootja: Realfiction Realfiction
Mudel: 10314
Saadavus: Tarne 1...14 tööpäeva.
Hind: 684.00 €
Maksudeta: 570.00 €
Kogus:  Lisa ostukorvi
   - VÕI -   

The Dreamoc HD3 Flightcase Trolley is optimal for transporting your Dreamoc HD3 display, if you use the Dreamoc in various locations. The flightcase has wheels and an expandable handle, which makes it suitable for personal transport.

EASY: Bring the Dreamoc to meetings or events – easy and safe.
FAST: Makes unpacking and repacking a lot faster.
SAFE: Great protection during repeated transport and storage.

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