Dreamoc HD3 alusraam, must

Dreamoc HD3 alusraam, must
Tootja: Realfiction Realfiction
Mudel: 10318
Saadavus: Tarne 1...14 tööpäeva.
Hind: 438.00 €
Maksudeta: 365.00 €
Kogus:  Lisa ostukorvi
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The Dreamoc HD3 stand is a podium made in steel with black powder coating, that puts the Dreamoc HD3 in just the right viewing height.
It is very easy to assemble and has adjustable feet that ensures the right stability.
It is prepared for the optional HD3 iPad Vesa Mount, that makes it easy to mount an iPad safely to the stand. Use the iPad to run the Dreamoc PLAY app (found on AppStore) with interactivity for the Dreamoc display, or to run a web shop or configurator for the displayed product.

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